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VX Series, Single Phase 600VA

The Agilon VX line-interactive UPS is a best value product designed for PCs, laptops, and POS equipment used in home offices and small businesses. Friendly LED indicators display real-time power and UPS status that users can see in a glance. Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) ensures all electronics are receiving stable power while providing higher availability. Even under severe power conditions, the wide input voltage range of the Agilon VX can adapt and reduce the probability of using the battery.

Application :

Rack Server Jakarta

  • Wide input voltage range reduces battery discharging occurences and prolongs battery life
  • Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) delivers stable voltage and provides higher availability
  • Smart charger shortens battery recharging time
  • Battery-start function when utility power is not present
  • UPS is able to restart automatically while utility power is recovering
  • Automatic battery charging in off mode
  • LED indicators provide the UPS status at a glance
  • Audible alarms provide indication of UPS and utility power conditions
  • Automatic self-test ensures battery condition
  • Provides 24/7 protection from surges, lightning, and other power events
  • Equipped with network line RJ45 surge protection
  • Overload and over-charge protection
  • Surge protection outlet for less-essential equipment
  • Well-designed microprocessor control provides higher reliability
Model   VX-600
Power Rating   600VA / 360W
Input Nominal Voltage
Voltage Range
Line Conditioning

230 Vac
140 ~ 300 Vac
Buck 255 ~ 300 Vac
Boost 1: 170 ~ 195 Vac; Boost 2: 140 ~ 170 Vac
50 or 60 Hz (Audio-Detection)
Output Voltage
Voltage Regulation
230 Vac
± 10 %
50 or 60 Hz (Audio Detection)
India type 5A x 3, IEC C13 x 4
Battery  Type
Charging Time
Typical Backup Time
12V / 7Ah x 1, Lead-acid, Maintenance free
4 ~ 6 hours recover to 90%
15 min for one set of PC
Data Line Protection Surge Protector Network RJ45
Efficiency Normal Mode >95%
Environment Operating Temperature
Relative Humidity
0 ~ 40º C
0 ~ 90% (non-condensing)
Physical Dimension (WxDxH)
100 x 287 x 142 mm
4.25 kg