Cabinet level access security has become critically important for all data centers and server rooms. More and more IT managers has recognized this need and are upgrading their cabinet with smartcard access control.
InfraSolution X-800 series provides data center managers a completed networked solution with monitoring, control, alarm, and reporting. It allows cabinet access remote management - saving travelling time / costs and hence increases the data center operation efficiency.



Hardware - InfraSolution X-800 handle is designed for the global IT branded cabinet. Its Universal Mounting Cut-out generally allows easy integration with the most third party cabinets so costly and complicated door customization is not required.

Software - We offer InfraSolution X Manager for software remote management. Besides, InfraSolution X also support SNMP for integration to the existing BMS of data center. Users can use their own platform for a centralized management.

SmartCard - InfraSolution X caters for the 2 most common smartcard alternatives - Proximity and MIFARE format. The users can keep using their existing smartcard to apply on the cabinet access system if their smartcards are in either format as above.



Functionality is not limited to cabinet access management. In addition to cabinet access control, InfraSolution X can be further expanded to PDU and environment management. Users can remotely manage the above devices via InfraSolution X Manager.



The managing capacity of InfraSolution X is expandable to a maximum of 3000 cabinets. And the InfraSolution X GUI allows up to 100 concurrent client access to remotely manage the smartcard locking handles. InfraSolution X provides the scalable flexibility to the data center projects, especially to the project with several phases.