Local Current Measurement

MD Ammeter provides local amp measurement and help avoiding Amp overloaded. It allows an easy Amp reading, especially for limited visibility inside the cabinet


Surge Protector / EMI Filter

Surge Protector grounds unwanted voltages above safe threshold EMI filter suppresses conducted interference on a signal / power line.


Resettable Fuse / Circuit Breaker

Resettable fuse is a cost effective solution for safety operation. It is bundled by most of the InfraPower PDU models. Circuit breaker is also available on request.


Multiple Outlet Configuration

IEC and UK / Schuko / FR Outlets can be configured in a single PDU in order to increase the compatibility to different power cords of the rack mount equipment.


Short Length Casing Design

Space-saving design of MD allows a shorter PDU casing length. Max 24 UK / 20 Schuko or FR outlets to be provided by a single vertical PDU installed in a typical 42 U cabinet.


Colored PDU Casing and Cords

Pair of PDUs for two different power sources become a basic requirement in cabinet. Users can distinguish the PDU from which power source via colors.